Basement Safety Measures

The number one priority for most heads of households is the safety of their families. 

Whether you spend outrageous amounts of money on an elaborate home security system or you take classes in self-defense or CPR to ensure you are capable of defending and/or saving your loved ones, your family’s safety is at the forefront of your every waking thought. In your efforts to create the ultimate safe haven for your family, it is important to also consider the design of your current home. Modern homes are typically built to code and include the proper Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings (EEROs) such as front and back entrances (for houses) and in rental and multi-family establishments, additional fire escapes for individuals on higher levels. These openings allow your family to get out easily in an emergency and allow emergency crews to get in without hesitation. An egress window boasts the same safety features and allows homeowners to take advantage of an additional exit from the lowest level in their home.

In the event of a fire (the most common of home catastrophe’s), the havoc caused by fire can easily trap you or a family member in a finished basement, preventing the individual from safely exiting through the ground level front or back exits of your home. In this instance, a basement egress window is your ultimate savior. As hot air rises it logically follows the steps up, creating a turbo charged fire in an enclosed areaway (your stairway). The hotter the fire the faster the heat rises and the hotter the stairway becomes. Making your way out the basement through an egress opening will significantly save time and the lives of you and your family. It is also important that your family understands the importance of this exit. The time wasted trying to attempt to finagle your way through an area of dangerous heat and limited visibility, due to the thick, heavy, grey smoke caused by fire, will only lessen your odds of making it out of the home safely. Possessing the knowledge to make a definitive decision in this time of crisis is crucial

Another benefit of an egress window installation into the basement of your home is the increased amounts of daylight, which instantly brightens a formerly dark and dreary space.

Considering the scope of this type of job and the importance of “getting it right the first time,” take the time to find the right company to assist with this essential home upgrade. There are many aspects for a reputable company to consider including the rigorous installation process, knowledge of the standards set by the International Residential Code, preventing any possible drainage issues, the overall reliability of the products and equipment used, as well as the appearance of the egress window upon completion. Steelway Cellar Doors is just that company. Steelway’s scope of services not only covers all aspects of egress upgrades but their professional manner and keen insights in this industry are priceless. Contact Steelway today!!!