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Benefits of an Egress Window

Safety, Efficiency and Style are the cornerstones of a perfect living space. Without these common attributes, a house is not a home, it’s, quite frankly, just a house. What good is a house that doesn’t resonate with tranquil vibes? A home is a place where security should bolsters within. A singular home upgrade will provide the qualities that make a house a home, and make a home a beneficial investment. The basement egress window is the epitome of safety, efficiency and style and Steelway can show you why.

An egress addition (or update) to your home is essential to the overall value of your house. A home worth $250,000 in its current condition can advertise for substantially more after an egress update to a finished basement. In today’s market, home buyers are looking for modern dwellings that are up to date.

Buyers are not looking for homes that require work or additional funding to be brought up to their standards outside of its purchase. Updated kitchens, bathrooms and lighting aren’t the only attributes that attract potential buyers. Buyers want to envision their lives within a new home. Egress outlets create easily accessible entrances for children to run in and out of making a finished basement the perfect play area for kids. During summer entertaining, egress doors make the perfect entrance into the home for individuals who are not acquainted enough to freely roam the entirety of your home during bathroom breaks. Regardless of how you paint the picture, an egress window or door is a definite upgrade to your home.
Recently updated building codes and requirements specify that all finished basements have an emergency egress. An egress window (or even a door) is large enough for adults to easily exit the below ground level space of a home safely. It also allows rescue crews to gain access to the home in the event of an emergency when other entrances are obstructed or somehow inaccessible. These building codes create safe environments, as well as provide homeowners with peace of mind all while drastically reducing the rate of tragedy during uncontrollable and unfortunate circumstances. During a fire, burglary or other dangerous situation, an egress window increases a family’s options for escape from the home.

In addition to safety, other benefits of installing a new egress exit in your home (or upgrading the existing windows or exits), include increased natural light and ventilation throughout this space. Unfinished basements often become a waste of space within a home because of its lack of usability as well as becoming a breeding ground for mold and other harmful elements. Items stored in basements become damaged overtime because high humidity levels due to the lack of proper ventilation and fresh air. Egress window installations create a simple solution to these age old issues.
Lastly, there isn’t anything more stylish than the classic look of a custom built egress opening and custom window well covers. Steelway Cellar Doors possess the professionalism and skill necessary to help you enhance your investment adding safety, efficiency and style to your finished basement.
Visit our website today and preview our wide selection of custom egress window well designs and custom window well covers. Steelway’s professionals can customize any product according to the client’s specification and needs. We are the egressperts! Call us at 610-277-9988 today!

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