Window Well Covers: Added Protection for Your Window Well

Window Well Covers: Added Protection for Your Window Well 

Window wells are a great addition to your home or building. They can provide various benefits, such as opening up and even transforming your basement space. Adding natural light and ventilation can completely transform the space into a more inviting and habitable area. When installed professionally and well-maintained, window wells can also significantly improve the value of your home or building when it’s time to sell. 


However, window wells can become clogged with leaves, dirt, and snow without regular care and attention. Proper maintenance is key to keeping your window well in great condition over time. Taking care of your window well and its surroundings will help ensure it continues functioning the way you need it to while preventing any potential safety hazards. 


Window Well Maintenance Tips

Here are a few maintenance tips to help you avoid some common issues with your window well that can occur due to external debris.


  • Monitor your window well closely.

Periodically check the window well walls for cracks or damage. Spotting minor issues and repairing them promptly will prevent more serious damage.


  • Keep the area around your window well clean.

Clean your window well regularly, removing leaves, debris, and dirt buildup to prevent clogs and drainage issues. This can prevent more significant issues before they begin.


  • Install a quality window well cover.

Installing a window well cover will add another layer of protection for your window well. Window well covers can help prevent excess water and debris from entering the window well area. Ensure your window well cover is installed securely and functioning properly. 


  • Hire a professional window well company.

When shopping for window well covers, choose a reputable provider and installer so you know you’re getting a quality cover and that a professional team is performing the installation. Having a team of window well experts maintain your window well can provide extra security and peace of mind. Consult a Steelway professional to determine the right window well cover for your home and to make any necessary repairs to your existing covers.


Choosing the Right Window Well Cover

How do you know what type of window well cover is right for your home or building? Several options are available, depending on your needs.


Rectangular Vs. Curved Window Well Covers

Rectangular window well covers are a great option for covering rectangular window wells while maintaining the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. They fit securely and tightly around your window well, blending into the rest of your home’s architectural style. On the other hand, if you have curved window wells around your home’s basement windows, then you’ll need a curved cover to match and fit the appropriate dimensions. 


Covers for Steel Window Wells

Steel window wells require a specific type of cover to ensure the proper fit and keep critters and moisture out. Due to their durability, we recommend steel window wells and window well covers. Steelway fabricates high-quality, custom steel window well covers made from 12 gauge hot-rolled steel. They are long-lasting and designed to fit your unique window well. They are also UV-protected to prevent hazing and cracking.


Window Well and Cover Combo Units

Another option for your window well is to purchase a window well and cover combo unit. Steelway provides this option in four standard sizes, so you can ensure your basement window is protected with a quality window well and cover at a great price.


About Steelway Window Well Covers

At Steelway Cellar Doors, we take great pride in the quality of materials and craftsmanship that go into manufacturing our window well covers. When you purchase a cover from us, you can expect the following:


Made to Fit

We ensure the cover fits your window well in shape and dimensions so it can offer the utmost protection against the elements.


Replaceable Lenses

The lenses are replaceable, so you can avoid replacing the entire cover, saving you money if damage occurs.


Our lenses are UV and scratch-resistant, which creates a cleaner look and provides a clear view from your basement window.


Long Lasting

The quality of our covers is exceptional, resulting in long-term protection from corrosion and strength to withstand the elements.


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